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Natural Sciences
"Natural Science" denotes a discipline concerned with creating any knowledge deemed objective about the material world. In the Poiesipedia space natural science is concerned with knowledge about fantastic phenomena, i.e. phenomena for which we have no factual evidence that they actually exist, but of which we believe they could exist.

Agnitude - a physical unit that measures intensity of any given individual life.

The scale reaches from 0 to 100. 0 states a non-existence of any useful contribution to any change. 100 means that an individual outreaches his/her area a influence to mankind. Agnitude was first introduced by

Cople – fruit from the cople tree. The cople tree usually is found in the area of deserts since they need dry soil, windy skies and heat. The cople fruit is red and very juicy. It has a diameter of up to two inches (5 cm). Since the fruit is quite rare it is very expensive – 100 grams sometimes go for 50 pcu. The cople fruit is said to[...]

The Dream Catcher is a small device that records and analyses human’s thoughts (e.g. his dreams) for 24 hours. All activities of ones mind are stored safely and the systems is comparing the humans thoughts real-time with all available databases across the world. The Dream Catcher delivers you a fully-fledged analysis of your day and night[...]