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Voyage and Return
"Voyage and Return" refers to a basic plot in which the hero leaves home for a far away land where unknown and different laws rule the world, ultimately triumphs and returns home far more mature than when he set out. For a more detailed description of this Plot please refer to Christopher Booker, The Seven Basic Plots, London 2004, from which the Poiesipedia plot system originates.

This is a very unlikely story. And yet, it has happened. It is about the final stages of the war between the "New West Indian Company" and the "Old East Indian Company". And the war was about the domination of the market for some rejuvenating creams and healthy foods that were all the rage among the upcoming middle classes of India and[...]

The manuscript of "An unlikely Ulysses"...

The story of "An unlikely Ulysses" is about Odi Uliss, a senior manager who stranded in Tokyo during the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Icelandic volcano. Differently from what happened in 2010 Odi could not return to Europe. Instead he had to settle in Japan for a while. There he soon got acquainted with the local business[...]