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"Rebirth" refers to a basic plot in which the hero falls under the influence of a sinister power, but is then saved though a more or less miraculous intervention. For a more detailed description of this Plot please refer to Christopher Booker, The Seven Basic Plots, London 2004, from which the Poiesipedia plot system originates.

Born on Oct. 9th, 1912 in St. Louis Obispo, California.

Poiesiverse – Biggest possible community in the world. Other than the Universe, the Poiesiverse is assembled by thoughts and ideas. It is a creation….

The oldest traces of Poiesipedia are a set of lost fragments written in a language that can still be written, but no one can read, speak, or understand anymore. Some younger academics have recently casted doubts they ever existed, yet they are certain. We know about them from a few remarks made by the late Poie-el-Amer in his Encyclopedia[...]

Thing you would have loved certain people to say, but they never did

Prof. Dr. Møller was born on Dec. 31st, 1874.