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Short Story
A "Short Story" is a piece of narrative fiction encompassing just a few pages. Usually, short stories appear at first in newspapers and/ or magazines. They are later collected and published in a book format.\\r\\nAuthors wishing to use this genre for satirical purposes must avoid straight denigration and bad taste. They should just keep in mind that the most powerful pieces of satire were often written in a way that let everybody get the message without providing any angle for prosecuting the authors even in the context of total censorship and authoritarian regimes.

AH - Alfred Hitchcock or Albert Hitchcock or

It was a dark and stormy night. Somebody knocked at the door. Who's that? I asked. - It's me AH! Please open the door! It's going to be hot. Nothing is working, a real nightmare. The old man opened anxiously the door. He hasn’t seen AH for ages.[...]

The busy secretaries were frantically typing senseless sentences. Senior management was sitting around waiting. And yet, everybody felt something special was happening, but all were wondering what. One could feel the tension building up. Finally, the phone rang. Mrs. Johnson looked at the display, und sighted with relief; the Chairman was[...]