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Encyclopedic entry
Analogous to a "Wiki" an "Encyclopedic Entry" is an article providing factual information on a given topic. However, in the Poiesipedia space the main feature of an "Encyclopedic Entry" consists in the fantastic nature of the reported facts. An "Encyclopedic Entry" posted in the Poiesipedia space can be either totally (events, places, subjects, etc.) or partially (just one of the elements) fantastic. Readers are advised to apply a healthy ratio of "suspension of belief" on reported facts that appear to be close to reality - whatever reality might be. Authors wishing to use this genre for satirical purposes must avoid straight denigration and bad taste. They should just keep in mind that the most powerful pieces of satire were often written in a way that let everybody get the message without providing any angle for prosecuting the authors even in the context of total censorship and authoritarian regimes.\\r\\n

Aaron Baron - the most unknown man in the world. Baron regularly is voted last in international popularity polls. The time and place of his birth is not known. He has no kids and no wife. Nobody knows where Baron lives and what kind of job he has. No picture of Baron was ever been made, so nobody has an idea of how he looks like. Magazine[...]

Poiesiverse – Biggest possible community in the world. Other than the Universe, the Poiesiverse is assembled by thoughts and ideas. It is a creation….

Pastophone – The digital recording of almost all past. First used when computers and digital technology were established in the early 30s of the 20th century. Since that time – due to the Peoples Recording Act in 1941 every word, every bit of information, every TV-show, every photo,[...]

The Dream Catcher is a small device that records and analyses human’s thoughts (e.g. his dreams) for 24 hours. All activities of ones mind are stored safely and the systems is comparing the humans thoughts real-time with all available databases across the world. The Dream Catcher delivers you a fully-fledged analysis of your day and night[...]

Digital device that creates for 24h a holographic image of humans. The image follows his owner as a holographic shadow, only visible for his creator, and observes and records his owner’s activities through the human’s perspective. The recordings are stored in a gigantic library and can be easily accessed through his creator.

Cople – fruit from the cople tree. The cople tree usually is found in the area of deserts since they need dry soil, windy skies and heat. The cople fruit is red and very juicy. It has a diameter of up to two inches (5 cm). Since the fruit is quite rare it is very expensive – 100 grams sometimes go for 50 pcu. The cople fruit is said to[...]

Born in 1941 in Pourpin, Anton Hitchcock became famous for his chili based recipes. Main character of the Short Story "The AH Nightmare". His sister Amelia Hitchcock is one of the most underestimated scientists of the 20th century[...]

Amelia Hitchcock is one of the most underestimated scientists of the 20th century. Born in Namibia in 1969 as the daughter of the British ambassador Tony Clinton and his wife Claire, she grew up in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and New York. Amelia has an older brother Anton Hitchcock.[...]

Aparillo Teston – (1961 – 2009), Grandelier from Pourpin. Teston was executed after a month long trial in the Court of Everness. On 1. Jan 2008 Teston was caught ii the act when he the local[...]

Agnitude - a physical unit that measures intensity of any given individual life.

The scale reaches from 0 to 100. 0 states a non-existence of any useful contribution to any change. 100 means that an individual outreaches his/her area a influence to mankind. Agnitude was first introduced by