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"Tragedy" refers to a basic plot in which the hero ultimately loses it all. For a more detailed description of this Plot please refer to Christopher Booker, The Seven Basic Plots, London 2004, from which the Poiesipedia plot system originates.

Digital device that creates for 24h a holographic image of humans. The image follows his owner as a holographic shadow, only visible for his creator, and observes and records his owner’s activities through the human’s perspective. The recordings are stored in a gigantic library and can be easily accessed through his creator.

The Dream Catcher is a small device that records and analyses human’s thoughts (e.g. his dreams) for 24 hours. All activities of ones mind are stored safely and the systems is comparing the humans thoughts real-time with all available databases across the world. The Dream Catcher delivers you a fully-fledged analysis of your day and night[...]