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A specter is haunting the media world - the specter of the freedom of content. All the powers of content production and distribution have entered into a holy alliance to exorcize this specter drawing legitimacy from Romanticism and monopolistic Commercialism in the West and the North, and from Ideology and pretension of ultimate Truth in the East and the South: ...more
The 2012 Poiesipedia literary intervention is not a first. It follows the poetic intervention at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair. ...more
Carroll Lewis joins Poiesipedia
What would Carroll Lewis do if he had a time machine and publish his legendary work again? We made him travel the decades and proudly present his famous work on Poiesipedia! Although we couldn't help him write his book in 5 minutes we could get him to publish it in this time. Watch the video! ...more
Editor's Blog
Back with a bang!

After a yearlong rework Poiesipedia is back on line. We completely refurbished our site to accommodate a simple desire: authors wanted to be able to choose whether to work with the entire community, with a selected group of like-minded souls, or alone. And they wanted do be able to decide when and how, and to whom their work should be shown. Finally, they also wanted to be able to change in-between, depending on the status of their work. It was the wish for "collaboration on demand".

This was easier said than done. It required figuring out a rather complex system for granting and/or withdrawing permissions and access. The software that originally built the backbone of Poiesipedia simply did not allow for that. And so we had to redo everything from scratch.

We do not feel sad for that. Among other things Poiesipedia is about experimenting with authoring and publishing rights. This way we learnt to better appreciate the authors desire to sometimes let loose, sometimes retain control over their work.

But then the Three Princes of Serendip intervened.

We discovered that a full array of new applications became possible. As we can now allow one person to control who has what access to a particular project Poiesipedia can be used by groups of people who need a special protection, like e.g. kids who can develop their creative writing skills under the supervision of a teacher without having to fear misuse. A further application emerged in the business world. Companies can use the approach to collaboratively develop new business ideas and plans. And before their get implemented these are nothing but pieces of fiction. We suspect there is more to come from this end…

But our experiment is for sure not ending here. In collaboration with we have just issued a call to authors to join a revolutionary literary experiment. And we are frantically preparing our booth for the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair. There will show or vision for collaborative creativity in the digital age. Stay tuned!