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Understanding Poiesipedia

Welcome to Poiesipedia!

Poiesipedia is a unique tool for collaboratively writing, editing, and publishing any sort of content.

Just like using classical DTP-programmes, authors can rely upon the full range of classical tools for writing, editing, formating, and publishing their content. In addition, Poiesipedia provides a range of innovative collaboration tools - allowing smaller or larger groups of contributors to jointly contribute to a common project - e.g. as co-authors, as editors, as feedback providers, or providers of additional pictures, graphics, and other insertions.

In System Help, you can learn how to get started and make yourself familiar with Poisipedia's key features. In fact, working with Poisipedia is really easy and in just three steps (define a "project", then create a "document", then create a "page") you can start writing.

In addition, you will find here a full documentation of all relevant user dialogues and parameter settings as well as a range of useful tipps and tricks from the development team and other users.