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Editing tips

Here are some general tips for document formatting:

  • Online and Print layout will never look exactly the same, this is because every paper has a defnied size while a Browser window has not. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is different from Office Applications that you normally work with.
  • The less individual formatting you use, the nicer you documents will look (the PDF Engine does a lot of work for you)
  • Please get used to generate clean paragraphs by hitting ENTER rather than forcing manual page or line breaks.
    However, if it is required to force manual page break in a page, position the cursor at the point where you want to insert the break, then click on the page break icon. This will insert a page break that is invisible in the online view but will affect PDF documents. To force a line break, press ENTER while holding the SHIFT key.
  • For any sort of Headings, use the Heading 1  - Heading 6 Format (left top select box in the Editor)
  • Don't start the page content with a Heading, the page name will do this job
  • Try to avoid nested formatting whenever possible (e.g. dont make bold text italic or coloured somewhere in the middle). Even if the system can handle it well under normal circumstances, cleaning up the formatting may become tricky.
  • The default alignment settings is align left for Online Display, align all in the PDF Output. The settings may vary depending on the Book Template, but in general there should be no need to change alignment settings online
  • Should you ever have messed up some formatting, please refer to the chapter "Dealing with format trouble"