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Inserting images

Although Image handling can have some more aspects to be aware of, the basic handling is pretty simple.

Within your document, position your cursor to the point where you want to have the new image (tip: press ENTER first to create a new Paragraph as the image container).

Now click on the Insert/Edit Image Icon in the Editor Window:


The Image dialog box opens up. To access existing libraries or to upload your image, click on the Browse Button at the right side of the Url Box first:


You are show a dialog box that allows to select existing images from the Page or Project library or to upload an image to the Page library (more about the libraries will come later).

Upload a new image

Click on the File Dialog button (it is browser specific how it looks like), and find the image on your local file system. Following file types are supported:

  • PNG ( filename.png )
  • JPG ( filename.jpg )
  • GIF ( filename.gif )
  • SVG ( filename.svg )

Once you have selected your local image, click on GO to upload the image to the library on the server. Depending on the file size, this may take a little time until finished. Now your image is available on the Server in the page library and you are back in the Edit/Insert Image Dialog.

Select an existing image

Once you have clicked on the Browse Button, all available images are shown as a preview. Just select your image and then click Select. You are now back in the Edit/Insert Image Dialog.

Image Parameters

Image URL

The Image URL will be filled in by the Browse Dialog.

Image Description

When you want to add an Image Description in your PDF Documents, this field should be filled in. Otherwise leave it blank.


The easiest way to control images is to leave the alignment to the default (Not Set). This way your image will be aligned left in the online Layout but centered in the PDF Layout. Other than floating alignments this setting is very robust against format trouble and looks nice both online and print.

Select the alignmet Middle if you want to center your image both in the online and the print layout.

The alignment setting Left and Right are both float formats, embedding your image into the text. Although it is supported both in PDF and in the Online view, it occasionally can generate trouble with PDF page breaks (if so, manual page breaks can fix this).