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Image sizing and resolution

There is a fundamental difference in the Online and Print Image resolution.

Online the resolution will be defined by your browser and screen setting and is relatively low: currently most systems work with 72 dpi (dots or pixels per inch). Printers support resolutions that are far higher than this!

When creating Print documents, the PDF engine translates the online display size into a size that has a similar text to image relation. This means that normally the image would be shown in a poorer quality than the quality your printer can support.

Improving the print quality of your images

There is a simple trick to improve the print quality! When you upload your image, make sure it is bigger than you require it for the online display. Than just resize it for the browser display, the PDF engine will automatically use the full resolution for print.

For business documents following rule of thumb applies:

Source images should have about twice the resolution than required for online view. If you would like to show the image at 500 x 500 Pixel online, make sure that you upload a source image at 1000 x 1000 Pixel. It is ok to upload even bigger images, but be aware that this also has a negative effect on the loading time of your online page!

SVG graphics

With SVG graphics you dont have to worry about image resolution at all, you will always have the full quality whatever size you choose.