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Structuring and printing documents

Once you've created a "project", a "document", and "pages", you can easily bring these pages in a logical and hirarchical order.

  1. Select Pages on the left navigation bar
  2. Subsequently open all pages that should be included in the document and add them to your document (select the name of the document from the top right drop box on each page view).
    Tip: if you can't find the Add to Document control, the page details probably don't allow this page for documents and you need to adjust the page settings accordingly. Once you've done this for all pages you want to have included, you need to...
  3. Documents on the left navigation bar
  4. Select Details on the top navigation bar of your document. You will now see an overview of all previously selected "pages". If you miss any, repeat the previous step.
  5. Now choose Content
  6. Structure the sequence of your pages by drag and drop
  7. Use the Level controls within the Content window to decide at which heading level your page name will be shown in the Document.

Once happy with your structure, start the PDF generation (available both in Details or Content ). Depending on the size, this may take some time!