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Project settings

Project settings allow you to alter the project name at a later stage, enter a brief project description, and - most importantly - define who else will have access to you project. I.e. here you define the team, which will later jointly work on this project. A project can have unlimited members, however you can also create a project just for your personal work. By default, i.e. if you do not alter the standard settings, a project is "anonymous", i.e. all internet users will have access to it, "all users can join" the project, but only the project owner has the right to edit the project. Think carefully about these settings and change them appropriately.


Altering the project settings (optional)

Now, to edit the projects settings, switch to the projects workspace and click on Edit Project at the left Menu.

The Edit Project window opens up:


1) Project Name

It is no probem to change the projects name if wou wish (make sure to inform your projects members to avoid confusion!)

2) Project Description

A short description of your project.

3) Project Visibility (this is a very important setting)


  • Anonymous: everybody in the Internet (even search engines) can see your project
  • Registered: everybody with a user account can see your project (search engines:no)
  • (Editor: this setting ist currently not applicable and has same effect as Admin)
  • Admin: nobody but the project members (and the Sys Admins) can see your project

4) Access to Project

This allows you to control the access to your project, you can open it up to all registerd users if you wish. Application for membership will be shown in the Project Message Board.

5) Project Member Control (Users with Edit Rights)

This allows to easily add existing users to your project or to remove members. You can filter the list of available users by name (or just the first letter(s) of it).