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Collaboration features & tools

Poiesipedia provides four kinds of collaboration features:

First, part of any project's "settings" are differentiated access rights (see section "defining projects" for details). Make sure you think about this point carefully. As the project owner, you can define, who else in the internet may have access to your project, either as reader or editor.

Second, the system provides a simple messaging tool, e.g. when an author wants to point the other team members to a certain issue or a question. Go to "Project Home" (upper left corner). In the upper right section of that page, you'll find a message box. Select the recipients, write your message and send.

When working on content pages, you also find features that make it easy to keep control about collaboration progress:

If you click on "contributions" the system will show you, how much each team member has contributed to a specific piece of content.

Last but not least, the tool "page revisions" makes it easy to keep control of any changes that have applied to your content. Everytime a page has been changed, the system automatically generates a new revision and stores the old version in the revision history. With Page revisions, you can compare the Revisions and find out what the differences are:

  • When you start page revisions it will alway show the difference between the current and the last revision (the effect of the last editing that has taken place)
  • When you manually select 2 revisions for comparison, make sure that the old revision is older than the new revisions (otherwise the shown differences dont make any sense!). There will be a warning message if it should happen accidentally.
  • If just want to know how the page looked at a certain time, set the old revision same as the new revision - it will show no differences but the content at this given time
  • When you roll back to a certain revision, a new revision is created. If you want to restore the original page, just roll back to the last revision again.