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Creating content

After you successfully defined your new project, you will learn in this section how to actually create a project's content, e.g. a structured and formated text document. Here, you will get familiar with three core design elements of Poiesipedia: 

  • Documents
  • Pages
  • Categories

Pages are the basic elements of every content. Here you can write and format your text or insert images or graphics. Unlike in a hardcopy book, a Page in Poiesipedia is not limited in length since in an online browser you can use the scroll bar if the content does not fit in your window.

Documents are used to bring the content bearing pages in a logical hirarchical order. Please note that, if you want to create a PDF print documents, is essential to first create a document, as you can't directly print your pages.

Categories are used to structure the content in the online navigation. Within Projects, the Categories build an automatic menu at the top Navigation bar and make it easy to structure you work online.