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Creating pages

Now you are ready to write your first page!

Click on new page on the left Navigation bar and and give it a page name. Once the page is created, the editor opens up and you can start writing and formatting your content.

When ready, click on the save button at the bottom of the editor window. Now the editor closes and you'll see the regular online view of your page.

Since you are the one who has created the page, you are automatically given edit rights to the page (and nobody will be able take these rights from you, the creator). Therefore, you find a lot of control buttons at the top of the page:

  • Edit Page - it opens up the Editor Window and lets you continue the work on your page.
  • Page Details -
  • Edit Rights - here you can give your project team mates edit rights for this page.
  • Assign Categories - here you can assign your "page" to several key words, which should help others find your content better.
  • Admin Images - a dialogue for uploading images.
  • Charts - a dialogue for creating data driven charts from a range of templates.
  • SVG Image Editor - a drawing and image editing tool.
  • Page Revisions - overview of previous versions of page, which have been stored.
  • Contributions - overview of how much all individual authors have contributed to a page. 
  • Copy to my pages -
  • Delete Page