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created by admin, 15.8.12
Find out about the 2011 "wow wow wow receiver" poetic intervention. Participate the discussion by adding pages!
created by birdie, 12.10.12
created by ReSha, 28.9.12
Europa macht mobil - Europa bekommt ein Gesicht. Ueber das EU-Bildungsprogramm Grundtvig unterstuetzt die Europaeische Kommission Bildungs- und Lernangebote in Europa mit dem Ziel, die allgemeine Erwachsenenbildung in Europa voranzubringen. Es ermoeglicht die europaeische Zusammenarbeit, Begegnungen und den Austausch von Menschen. Die Grundtvig Lernpartnerschaft Dovetail startete am 1.August 2012 und laeuft bis 31.08.2014. Darin arbeiten 3 Partner aus 3 Laendern zusammen. Deutscher Projektpartner ist die GEDOK Karlsruhe, die Projektverantwortliche: Renate Schweizer Dovetail is an EU-funded project which works with adult learners to improve writing skills through storytelling and creative writing.
created by Amerigo Poiesi, 15.8.12
This is a very unlikely story. And yet, it has happened. It is about the final stages of the war between the "New West Indian Company" and the "Old East Indian Company".
created by ReSha, 25.9.12
Face Karlsruhe: You are invited to write your quite personal thoughts and poems to the city Karlsruhe in Germany about its people, its artists, its lifes and changings, its friends, its humor, its lifestyle and its friendship with the cities Halle, Nottingham, Budapest, Temeswar, Krasnodar... and/or to publish your poems and prosa -textures in "Karlsruher LiteratInnen"
created by ReSha, 28.9.12
different views to look at Karlsruhe since 2009
created by spoxx, 27.8.12
A participatory transmedia experience.
created by nukhet, 09.10.12
created by Amerigo Poiesi, 15.8.12
The oldest traces of Poiesipedia are a set of lost fragments written in a language that can still be written, but no one can read, speak, or understand anymore. Follow and contribute to the creation of the a fully new Poiesiverse.
created by ManfredT, 10.10.12
Base information about the Sinus-Milieus. Target groups based on life values.