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"Business" refers to any activity aimed at generating material value. In the Poiesipedia space business is concerned with imaginary value generating activities.
"Crime" refers to activities breaching the law. In the Poesipedia space crime might refer to breaching existing as well as imaginary laws.
"Engineering & Technology" refers to any activity aimed at leveraging natural laws for specific, often not intended purposes. In the Poiesipedia space engineering & technology might leverage imaginary laws.
"Geography" refers to the physical Earth as we experience it. In the Poiesipedia space geography refers to the physics of imaginary worlds as we might experience them.
"History" denotes the sequence of past events. In the Poiesipedia space history is concerned with events that might have happened, but which actually and most probably did not.
"Love" refers to any passionate relationship. In the Poiesipedia space love might be as real or as imaginary as in the actual world.
"Natural Science" denotes a discipline concerned with creating any knowledge deemed objective about the material world. In the Poiesipedia space natural science is concerned with knowledge about fantastic phenomena, i.e. phenomena for which we have no factual evidence that they actually exist, but of which we believe they could exist.
"People" refers to the totality of human beings. In the Poiesipedia space the term is used to categorize pieces of narrative concerned with the probable life of specific persons.
"Philosophy" denotes a discipline concerned with the study of problems of general and fundamental nature. In the Poiesipedia space such problems might remain as metaphysical as in real life.
"Social Science" denotes a discipline concerned with any phenomenon occurring in the social world, such as the economy, the political system, the legal system, etc. In the Poiesipedia space such phenomena are most probably imaginary.