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Call to join the Poiesipeda literary intervention at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair

A specter is haunting the media world – the specter of the freedom of content.  All the powers of content production and distribution have entered into a holy alliance to exorcize this specter drawing legitimacy from Romanticism and monopolistic Commercialism in the West and the North, and from Ideology and pretension of ultimate Truth in the East and the South: publishing houses, movies producers, autocratic regimes and all the others for which freedom is anathema. Meanwhile many authors have fallen into the traps of corruption and fear and have taken the side of their oppressors.

But the tyrants have no chance. The middle ground between content creation and content consumption vanishes, left behind by new technology moving ahead at a speed beyond that of light. The new power of connectivity is sweeping away all monopolists. A new parallel universe is unstoppably emerging in which content creators and content consumers can deal directly with each other. As the old world crumbles the middlemen find themselves walking on quicksand.

No longer is access to distribution restricted. No longer can content remain hidden. No longer can censorship be enforced. This new media universe calls for new concepts. Copyright must be reinvented. Literature must find its place, learning to leverage the new technology, no longer leaving it to the masters of trash.

We call authors and readers from all continents and cultures to engage in a revolutionary experiment at the occasion of the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair. The 2012 booth will be dedicated to the theme of “collaborative creativity: the future of writing and publishing in the digital age”. We will show how easily accessible new technologies can be bundled into a novel platform that allows authors and readers to directly connect with each other.

Authors will be able to write and publish, individually or in groups, electronically or physically, and to price their content as they whish. Readers will be able to choose content, and selectively assemble the books they want to own, and pay on demand. At the booth authors and readers will additionally be able to interact either physically, or virtually via Skype.

We have chosen the theme of “Literary Cities” as the field on which to experiment. We call for authors to join and contribute by writing pieces about cities, imaginary or real, past, present or future, utopian or dystopian. The intervention shall take place between Aug. 1st and the end of the Book Fair on Oct. 12th. The results of the intervention shall be published using the platform. Authors shall be retributed in proportion of their contribution and actual sales.

Authors and readers of the world, unite!

How to participate the 2012 Poiesipedia Frankfurt Book FairIntervention

To participate to the Poiesipeda 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair Intervention you will need - like for any other Poiesipedia Literary activity - to first establish a "Project". We suggest all Projects relating to the 2012 Intervention be named starting with Literary Cities 2012, followed by a colon, and the specific title of your choice.

In any case: We would appreciate you sending a mail to when you create a project related to the 2012 Intervention.

Further: We expect the intervention to turn into a very lively interaction! Hence, we would appreciate for participant to send their Skype contacts to, and to agree that these are made available to all participating authors.  We will then establish a page where these contacts will be listed, and accessible only to those participating the intervention. Alternatively, you can make your contact available just to those participating you project. In this case we suggest you create a page within your project solely dedicated to this purpose, and name is Literary Cities: xyz project title – Contact list.

Finally, in view of the Frankfurt Book Fair event we are considering creating a film with the title The making of the 2012 Literary Cities. We encourage you to generate video material like e.g. showing how you work, your environment, self-interviews, statements, reading sessions etc. We will soon make a dedicated page available for downloads. We will then use this material to establish and feed a dedicated YouTube channel, as well as for your multimedia Book Fair Booth.