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Project Proposal

U2:youToo - a collaborational transmedia experienceThis is to me a test-project - for the moment.

When I first heard about Poiesipedia, and the „Literary Cities 2012 Intervention“ via, I was instantly intrigued: Here, there were some people who embraced the idea of artistic collaboration, and combined it in a project with the revolutionary vision of a newly perceived concept of authorship, creation, copyright, and distribution... -
I spread the link over twitter and facebook, and soon received an eMail from Poiesis software developer Bernd Wurm, who encouraged me to try it out - so here I am.

I would like to propose an idea, as part of the „Literary Cities 2012 intervention“, that I have been contemplating for quite a while. Since, at the moment, I still know too little about the "Literary Cities", I'm not sure that it will fit in with the Poiesis community’s own ideas and visions - but, why not just try and give it a shot...?

The working title is "U2:youToo"
- and it's basically meant to be a documentary transmedia storytelling experience, based on video, instagram-photography, sounds, and text.
It's the story of people living along the U2 subway line in Munich, Germany. This subway runs beneath the city in a long curve from the North-West to the South-East, crossing a wide spectra of different social milieus: work- or living quarters of a diverse variety of postmodern environments and peer groups.
Camera-excursions along the U2, and into the surrounding quarters should bring us in contact with people on the subway; we`ll talk with them about how they feel: living their lives the way they do; about their greatest fears and desires...
We publish these conversations online, as we go (along with situational observations), enjoying, and sharing with our „followers“ the mere adventure of close encounter: open to, and craving for both, the common, and the unexpected - an urban road movie in-the-making, with the opportunity for the audience to interact and participate.
This setup might even serve as a blueprint for others in other cities of the world, to go on similar excursions: adding to what might develop into a mosaic of global urban living…

In a second stage, fragmenting the recorded statements out of context, and re-mixing them along the lines of  underlying structures of speech and meme, should reveal some surprising insight into a contemporary collective postmodern consciousness -
- an experiment, the German Author Paul Wühr has, for his era, executed in his award-winning radio play "Preislied" of 1970/71. Although we are not planning a contemporary visual remake of his radio play, we owe to him great appreciation as a pioneer of this literary conception, method, and technique.

It is my greatest desire in connection with this project, to integrate the persons we interview, and the „followers“ (formerly known as „the audience“ ;-)), into the ongoing further development of the project, and to encourage them to take active parts in the process through a multitude of social Media channels, like twitter, Facebook, youTube, or blog comments, or even to collaborate by contributing own media (audio, video, photo, text) to the project.
All content of "U2:youToo" should be published under an appropriate license which allows for remix and free distribution. Although it is not my primary goal, I also see a number of opportunities to monetize on such a project, through  crowdfunding events, dvd, or print media sales, or experimental forms of merchandise…

So, seen from my side, I have the feeling, that "U2:youToo" and the "Literary Cities 2012" may turn out to be a perfect match
- what do you think?
If you like, please send me a note via the messaging tool, eMail me at, or join the conversation over at my blog or on twitter using the hashtag #U2project

I've set the visibility of the project to "Registered", to first discuss among the Poiesipedia-community, whether or not this proposal can become a part of "Literary Cities 2012".
If approved by the Poiesipedia-community, I'll be happy to set it to "Anonymous", and project the project into the internet`s deep space, deep time ;-)...
…we’ll see what happens…

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