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blazing days,

xploding nights

in canyons of glass, concrete and steel,

roaring hot city,

air methane impregnated,

shrieking gliding capsules

race human bodies

to job containers,

controlled by auditory induction.


In behind,

hidden in soulless boxes for seniors,

lost and forgotten,

pink dyed hairs,

unlined squirted Botox grimaces,

blown up silicon bazookas.

Followed by organ recycling:

disemboweled seniors.


Awesome new world,

where are you driving to!?

It was not the world,

that destroyed us,

it was just us,

we ourselves did it:

pure, immaculate technology,

state of the art,

simply digital.


Materialized bodies

without heart and soul,

eliminated intellect

stay behind.


Completely automatized happiness

replaces love…


michael pilath copyright 10.2012