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An unlikely Ulysses - Call to join the project

The story of "An unlikely Ulysses" is about Odi Uliss, a senior manager who stranded in Tokyo during the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Icelandic volcano. Differently from what happened in 2010 Odi could not return to Europe. Instead he had to settle in Japan for a while. There he soon got acquainted with the local business practices, found a partner, and considered settling there forever. However, while Europe remained isolated, business was still booming in South East Asia and across the Pacific. He started again to travel until he stranded again, this time in South America. There, the story starts all over again… It takes ten years for him to finally be able to return home.

During his various adventures Odi gets in touch with different cultures and value systems, and experiences them through the lenses of the cities where he happen to live. They are all stories about hate and love, greed and largesse, but each time with a different cultural twist.

I look for authors who want to collaborate in crafting this epic novel, and who would like to feature their cities by “hosting” Odi during one of his adventures. Illustrators are also welcomed.