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An unlikely Ulysses - Chapter I

This is a very unlikely story. And yet, it has happened. It is about the final stages of the war between the "New West Indian Company" and the "Old East Indian Company". And the war was about the domination of the market for some rejuvenating creams and healthy foods that were all the rage among the upcoming middle classes of India and South East Asia at a time when the growth prospects of the area seemed unlimited. During the war both companies enjoyed the protection of half of the Gods that ruled the world. Sitting on the top of mount Milton the divine team perfectly understood that their existence fully relied on two dynamics taking place: competition among human enterprises trying to outbid each other, and transactions actually taking place. It was only due to these dynamics that the Goods could live on, hence their preoccupation with keeping the war going.

But after ten years of a disastrous price war, upcoming new technologies eating away growth, and a near financial meltdown both companies were near bankrupt. And yet they were still fighting for the domination of a market that might have once been young and vigorous, but which meanwhile had turned into a declining lame duck. The Gods, having long turned their attention to other, more vibrant places concluded that the war had at last turned futile, and decided to let it end.

This was easier said than done, for half of the divine team would have lost their face...

Meanwhile on the ground Ulysses could not care less.