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The Big Day

The busy secretaries were frantically typing senseless sentences. Senior management was sitting around waiting. And yet, everybody felt something special was happening, but all were wondering what. One could feel the tension building up. Finally, the phone rang. Mrs. Johnson looked at the display, und sighted with relief; the Chairman was calling. She picked up saying “yes, Mr. Chairman”. 

The baritonal voice of Dr. Hugh Plender came through screaming as it had been itself in anger  - “are they all there? Is everything prepared” -  “Yes, Mr. Chairman, they are all here and waiting for you, and everything else is in place.” -  Dr. Plender was pleased to hear it -  “good to know. I will be there soon”. Dr. Plender hung up and Mrs Johnson whispered as she would be revealing a secret  - “he will be here soon.” -  The managers looked at each other with a certain relief.

Time went on. The secretaries kept typing while everybody else was waiting for the big moment of the big day. Nobody dared to even try starting any activity. They simply stared at each other with contempt. Once again the phone rang “yes, Mr. Chairman”, and once again Dr. Plender’s baritonal, angered voice came through “I hope everybody realizes the importance of what will happen today!” “Yes, Mr. Chairman, I think we do.” “O.K. then, I will be there soon” reiterated Dr. Plender, and hung up. Mrs. Johnson whispered again in the room “he will be here soon.”

Time went on. It might have been just a few hours, but it felt more like days, weeks, or even months. It felt like everybody hat been turned into stones. Finally the distinguished noise of the first limousine could be heard.