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Transpacific Submarine Connections

Memorandum of Understanding

Transpacific Submarine Connections

The West Coast Railway Company & The Nippon Shipyards Ltd.


The West Coast Railway Company (henceforth “Las Vegas”) and The Nippon Shipyards Ltd. (henceforth “Hara-kiri”) agree to jointly explore the feasibility of fast track submarine connection across the Pacific. The initiative is born out of a latent demand for wave free sea crossing by air transport adverse customer, as identified by the Submarine Adventure Research plc. 2007 report.

Both parties agree to share total research and development cost in equal parts of up to US$30Mill. Further both parties agree on strict confidentiality.

The following paragraphs briefly describe:

The unique capabilities each commit to bring in the venture

A cost outline

A common understanding for the structure of a possible further development and/or criteria for discontinuation